May 15, 2016


I am delighted to announce that I am collaborating with top wordsmith and all round marketer, Helen Dibble, to deliver a series of training events for Manchester’s Business Growth Hub in 2017.

Open to delegates from both new and established businesses, we will be delivering two courses across eight dates through the year covering the important topics of Content Marketing and Email Marketing.

Content: The Essential Fuel for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

At heart, marketing is still about telling good stories. As an entrepreneur, you may learn to build a website, but can you convince and convert with your copy? Knowing how to run a PPC campaign is a valuable skill yet without the ability to write a compelling landing page, your efforts (and advertising budget) go to waste.

This course arms entrepreneurs with solid understanding of copy-writing and content creation, enabling you to harness the true potential of digital marketing and begin to reach, warm, convince and convert a wider audience than ever before.
You will learn how great digital marketing is fuelled by high quality, relevant and engaging content, and how you too can master the art of inspiring your audience with a simple approach to content creation and curation.

Dynamic and hands-on, this course will help you learn how to:

  • Harness the power of content to achieve your business goals
  • Build a content plan that complements and supports digital marketing activities
  • Always have great content ideas close at hand
  • Write compelling content that engages your target audience
  • Find the time and resource to consistently create high-quality content
  • Use a variety of digital tools to help you develop quality content
  • Distribute your content effectively
  • Measure performance and optimise strategy using digital tools


“Loved the Digital Content Marketing course from the Business Growth Hub, it was thoroughly enjoyable. The venue was perfect and the trainers were both knowledgeable and effervescent. Not only did I learn what I had set out to achieve but I also felt inspired at the end of the day; And, I have received great feedback for the blog I produced on the day, too. “ Suzi Brown, The Smart Bear

Suzi Brown, The Smart Bear

To register your interest in attending the course, visit the Business Growth Hub website.

Essential Email Marketing

It’s no secret that e-marketing is one of the most effective techniques of online marketing and is by far, one of the most inexpensive and successful methods of online advertising – which is why so many brands are doing it.

But when you’re competing with hundreds of other emails every single day, how do you make sure yours stands out and escapes being discarded to the ‘Trash’ box?

In this essential workshop, we’ll guide you through best-practice techniques in e-marketing, including how to earn access to inboxes, improve open rates and sustain engagement for your brand.

Taking a hands-on journey through data laws, HTML design, copywriting, scheduling, automation and much more, you’ll gain a thorough and practical understanding of the fundamentals of e-marketing.

When it comes to e-marketing, the truth is it’s all too easy to fall into a rut. But you can be sure that you’ll walk away from our workshop knowing how to keep your emails fresh, clean, relevant and, more importantly, what it takes to keep your audience interested.

What you’ll discover:

  • Why email is NOT dead
  • What platform should you use?
  • How and when to use different template types
  • How to write to engage your audience
  • Subject line 101
  • Data segmentation and dynamic content
  • Automation strategies
  • The importance of testing
  • How to use results to improve performance
  • Data laws and best practice approaches

To register your interest in attending the course, visit the Business Growth Hub website.

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